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My work focuses on the visceral, where the body is a canvas and an unmediated site for representation of the sacred, the beautiful, the untouchable, the unspeakable and for the pain, the love, the hate, the loss, the power and the fears of the human condition.

Previous works, such as Aktion 398 performed at the South London Gallery in 1999, have found reference in religious painting and radical performances by the Viennese Actionists such as Gunther Brus, creating powerful images of beauty and suffering combined.

Still Life considers the notion of ‘Still Life’ from a range of formal and conceptual perspectives; the Still Life of fine Art traditions, the Still Life of the artist’s body as sculpture, the Still Life of sleep and the Still Life of a life that seems to go nowhere.

From ‘I miss you’ series. Blood on baby wipes on board
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